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New optimization route feature helps SmartTruckRoute drivers save time, fuel, and money.

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Wirelessly send optimized route file to the SmartTruckRoute navigation program.

Frequently asked questions

Please read our most often asked questions. If you have suggestions or do not see an answer to your question please contact us.

How do I generate a route from SmartTruckDispatch?

SmartTruckDispatch generates geocoded locations for your stops and creates a shortest route directly on your Android Phone. The iPhone version will be coming soon.

How many stopover points can I have in my route?

Our free account allows you to route via maximum 10 points. For higher number of routing points please contact our office for a new account.

Can I preview the route on the central station before I send it to the smarttruckroute app?

With our free account you can preview a sequence of stops. To see more detailed routes on your computer you will need to set up a special account for your office.

Can I see a sample of the csv file with addresses?

44 School Street Boston MA
780 Lynnway Lynn MA 01905
301 Falls Blvd Quincy MA
152 tremont street boston ma 02111
770 Broadway, Saugus, MA, 01906
2490 Briarcliff Road Atlanta, GA 30329

Which point in the CSV file is my origin and and which one is a destination?

Your origin is your present location. Your destination is the very first point on the list. The second point is your First Stop, third point is your second stop and so forth.

What is the price of SmartTruckDispatch?

SmartTruckDispatch as an introductory is free of charge to smarttruckroute customers. Please click here HERE to learn more about smarttruckroute navigation app

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Our Users

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Our users include professional drivers, dispatchers, brokers, and service providers such as truck-stops or parts stores that are associated with trucking industries.
David Brimmer, Manager of a Distribution Center

This app helps us to avoid restrictions associated with truck routes and help us to organize routes for over 12 trucks with multiple stops.
Mark Brady, The Rockport Bakery

SmartTruckRoute routes with multiple stops saves us substantial amount of fuel. After 3 successful years navigating with SmartTruckRoute we feel very confident with both SmartTruckRoute and SmartTruckDispatch
Mary Povar, Restaurant Manager, PM Truck Stop

SmartTruckRoute along with SmartTruckDispatch is very inexpensive option for our managers to coordinate daily routes.
Betty Worfkovitz, Manager, 24 hour bakery

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